NYC Terror – The Heart Of The Matter

With the Las Vegas attack still fresh on our minds, the homeland was attacked by a terrorist on the final day of October. In the heart of New York City, a man plowed down the sidewalk in a rented truck and killed 8, injuring many more. The man ran his truck into the side of a short bus and then exited his vehicle yelling “Allahu Akbar”, which is literally translated from Arabic to English as “God is greater”. He was shot by police, but has survived the injury and now has been in police custody. He has claimed ties to ISIS and radical Islamic terror.

This is another example of pure evil in this world… plain and simple. This man was on a mission to bring death to “the enemy”. This was his jihad. No law, no sound bite, no constitutional amendment would have been able to stop him from carrying out the evil plans he had in his heart. He didn’t need a gun in his pocket, he had keys.

Someone can take almost any item that we use for good and turn it into a tool for evil. A gun for shooting, hunting and self-defense can become a tool for mass murder. A truck for hauling and transporting can be used for mass murder. A knife for cutting food or camping can be used for mass murder. Fertilizer used to make the grass grow green can be used for mass murder. The tool isn’t the problem, it’s a heart problem.

You can’t regulate evil. You can’t kill evil. Evil doesn’t exist inside an inanimate object; it exists in the hearts and minds of people willing to destroy everything with it.  Evil is the absence of good. We have had evil in this world since the first family when Cain killed Able and it will continue until Christ returns.

~Jason – Three Patriots

The R.I.T. Phrase

Last night, after the final notes faded out from an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, a suicide bomb was detonated amongst a crowd of concertgoers as they left the arena. While authorities have not concluded the event was directed by a particular terrorist organization, the Islamic State has already claimed responsibility for the attack. As of this writing, 22 people have been confirmed dead, and 59 wounded.

Emergency crews respond to Manchester Arena

England has been in the terrorism spot light, along with other countries in Europe, including France. In the last year and a half, there have been at least 6 major terrorist attacks in Europe. Almost every single attack was related to ISIS in some fashion. Some were actual “soldiers” for ISIS, others were inspired by the terrorist group. The most recent attack is one in the same as the other attacks across Europe. Innocent civilians were targeted and brutally murdered by a terrorist organization spreading hate and violence in the name of Islam.

Terrorist attacks through 2015

You have likely heard a discussion about the R.I.T. phrase… Radical Islamic Terror. The events of May 22 in Manchester and previous events keep that discussion current. We are dealing with people who believe that killing people in the name of Allah is right, holy and justified. And they can use verses from their holy book, the Quran, to back up their claims. Islam is often called a religion of peace, but the fact is that its pages are filled with many references to violence and murder. Some examples of these verses include Quran 2:191,193; 9:5, and 49:9.

Some argue that these verses in the Quran do not supersede the verses referring to peace in the Quran, including Quran 49:13, 11:118-9 and 5:48. The problem with all of this is that interpretation and application is in the eyes of the beholder. While one Muslim might adhere to peace and non-violence as a general rule, another may read it as “kill all the infidels” and “jihad”. In fact, this is exactly how ISIS and other Islamic Extremist groups read it.

The fight against Radical Islam is not a new fight and it is not close to being over. The fight is against an ideology, not a people group. Until Islam is able to rid itself of those who interpret its pages with malice and hate, this war will not end. The bombings of Manchester, Brussels, France and many more will continue and will likely make its way to America. It could likely be slowed, but I am doubtful that it can be stopped. Some have even given up hope all together.

“Terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big city.” – Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

We can slow it down by not allowing these radical ideologies to cross our borders and set up camp in our country. We can’t control those who are already here and have a radical bent, but we can filter out those who come here and have that soldier mentality already. President Trump issued an executive order to try to decrease the number of extremists crossing the border, by increasing the vetting process and stopping immigration from unstable and war torn countries that cannot assist us in vetting their citizens. The problem is that there are some who don’t want this to happen. In the name of “Equality”, they are trying to sacrifice our safety.

Do not be surprised when one day the headlines change from “Terrorist Bombing in England” to “Terrorist Bombing in New York City”. Mark my words, that day is coming. Are you prepared

Our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends in the U.K., to the victims and to their families.


Jason – Three Patriots